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пятница, 11 июня 2010 г.

WTF, ППЦ и прочие акронимы

Использование акронимов в общении через интернет очень популярно. Такие сокращения как LOL (laughing out loud, laugh out loud), IMHO (in my humble opininon), ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing), ASAP (As Soon As Possible), OMG (Oh My God) легко узнаваемы. Ими пользуются не только носители английского языка, но и интернет-пользователи со всего мира. У сетевого сленга много названий: Internet slang/ language, Internet Short-hand, leet, netspeak, chatspeak.
Занятная история о влиянии netspeak-а представлена в блоге languagelog. Итак, "жила-была" с 1979 года Wisconsin Tourism Federation, сокращённо WTF. Конечно, в те далёкие годы эта федерация не могла предугадать, что впоследствии будет означать акроним WTF. А расшифровываться как "what the fuck" он стал с середины 1980-х (есть ещё и варианты why/where/whatever/who the fuck). В итоге, Wisconsin Tourism Federation была вынуждена изменить своё имя на Tourism Federation of Wisconsin.

Воодушевившись вышеизложенной историей, я решила поискать подобные примеры в рунете. Первый акроним из модного (увы, модного...) ныне сленга, который мне вспомнился - ППЦ.Сейчас ППЦ больше известен как "пипец", хотя он расшифровывается и как "полуцприцеп-цистерна", "производственно-продюсерский центр", "Польская православная церковь" и др. Но, кроме того, в Нижнем Тагиле есть НОУ ППЦ "Гений" - психолого-педагогический центр, занимающийся ранним развитием детей (вот его сайт: http://center-geniy.ru/). И, похоже, своё название ППЦ "Гений" менять не собирается.

А сейчас, самое главное-CLOAKA aka Canonical List Of All Known Acronyms.ACRONYM, BTW, = Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning. В общем, список акронимов:
A/S: Age/Sex?
A/S/L: Age/Sex/Location (or Language)?
AAMOF: As A Matter Of Fact
ADN: Any Day Now
AFAIAA: As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIC: As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAICS: As Far As I Can See
AFAIK: As Far As I Know
AFAIR: As Far As I Remember; As Far As I Recall
AFAIUI: As Far As I Understand It
AFK: Away From Keyboard
AFZ: Acronym Free Zone
AISB: As I Said Before
AISI: As I See It
AIW: As It Were/Was
AKA: Also Known As
AMAP: As Much/Many As Possible
APYR: As Per Your Request
ASAP: As Soon As Possible
ATB: All The Best
AWGTHTGTATA: Are We Going To Have To Go Through ALL This Again?
AWHFY: Are We Having Fun Yet?
AYT: Are You There?
B/C: BeCause (frequently just "b/c")
B3: Blah, Blah, Blah
B4: Before
B4N: Bye for Now
BAC: By Any Chance
BB: Be Back
BBFN: Bye Bye For Now
BBL: Be Back Later
BBR: Burnt Beyond Repair
BBW: Big Beautiful Woman
BEG: Big Evil Grin
BF: Boyfriend
BFD: Big F---ing Deal
BFG: Big Friendly Giant; Big F---ing Gun; Big F---ing Grin
BFI: Brute Force and Ignorance; Bunch of F---ing Idiots
BFM: Big F---ing Magic
BFN: Bye For Now
BIC: Best In Class
BICBW: But I Could Be Wrong
BIL: Brother In Law
BIN: Buy It Now
BION: Believe It Or Not
BISS: Because I Say So
BJ: Blow Job
BK: Because
BKA: Better Known As
BKAM: Between Keyboard And Monitor (i.e., problem is with the user)
BOGOF: Buy One Get One Free
BOL: Best Of Luck
BOT: Back On Topic
BRB: Be Right Back
BS: Bull S---
BTA: But Then Again (in response to IOW)
BTAIM: Be That As It May
BTW: By The Way
BY: BusY
BYKT: But You Knew That
C/O: in Care Of (for sending mail)
C/P/S: City or Country / Profession / Status (married/single)
CADET: Can't Add, Doesn't Even Try
CB: Call Back
CFD: Call For Discussion
CHOWUR: see (C) HOW yoU aRe
CIC: Christ, I'm Confused
CIAO: as in goodbye (said 'Chow')
CIO: Cut It Out
CLAB: Crying Like A Baby
CMIIW: Correct Me If I'm Wrong
CO: COnference
COB: Close Of Business
COD: Cash On Delivery (when receiving mail)
COTFLGOHAHA: Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A Heart Attack
CPF: Can Pigs Fly?
CRAFT: Can't Remember A F---ing Thing
CU: see (C) yoU
CUL: see (C) yoU LateR
CUNT: Computer User Non-Technical
CWYL: Chat With You Later
D/L: Download, transmit to you
DAF: Divorced Asian Female
DAM: Divorced Asian Male
DAP: Parents Against Dyslexia
DBA: Doing Business As
DBF: Divorced Black Female
DBM: Divorced Black Male
DEU: Dumb End User
DIIK: Damned If I Know
DINK: Double Income, No Kids
DJF: Divorced Jewish Female
DJM: Divorced Jewish Male
DK: Don't Know
DNA: Did Not Answer
DOB: Date/Day Of Birth
DOM: Dirty Old Man
DOY: Dumbass Of the Year
DRA: Don't Recognize Acronyms
DTRT: Do The Right Thing
DUK: Dead Upon Keyboard
DWF: Divorced White Female
DWIM: Do What I Mean
DWM: Divorced White Male
DYE: Damn Your Eyes!
E2EG: Ear to Ear Grin
ED: Emotionally Disturbed
EDP: Emotionally Disturbed Person
EOB: End Of Business
EOD: End Of Discussion
EOF: End Of File
EOL: End Of Lecture
EOT: End Of Thread (i.e., don't reply to this message)
ERU: Error Replace User
ESOSL: Endless Snorts of Stupid Laughter
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD: Estimated Time of Departure
F2F: Face To Face
FAQ: Frequently Asked Question
FCFS: First Come, First Served
FCOL: For Crying Out Loud
FDROTFL: Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FFS: For F---s Sake
FICCL: Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less
FISH: First In, Still Here
FISHDO: F--- It, S--- Happens, Drive On
FITB: Fill In The Blank
FLK: Funny Looking Kid
FNI: F---ing Not Involved
FOAD: F--- Off And Die
FOAF: Friend Of A Friend
FOR: For Obvious Reasons
FOS: Freedom Of Speech; Full Of S---
FTL: Faster Than Light
FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
FUMTU: F---ed Up More Than Usual
FWIW: For What It's Worth
FYA: For Your Amusement
G2G: Got to Go
G: Grin (as in )
GA: Go Ahead
GAC: Get A Clue
GAFIA: Get Away From It All (as in drop out of ILink for a bit)
GAFM: Get Away From Me
GAL: Get A Life
GBTM: Get Back To Me
GBY: God Bless You
GC: Garbage Collect (tidy up)
GF: Girlfriend
GFR: Grim File Reaper (pervasive data destroyer)
GFU: General F--- Up
GFY: Go F--- Yourself
GGC: Goo Goo Cluster (cause zits & intestinal blockage)
GGG: GiGGle (as in )
GGN: Gotta Go Now
GH: Getting Hard (male)
GKW: God Knows What
GLG: Goofy Little Grin
GLGH: Good Luck and Good Hunting
GOK: God Only Knows
GOOML: Get Out Of My Life
GOTFIA: Groaning On The Floor In Agony
GOWI: Get On With It
GTBOS: Glad To Be Of Service
GTP: Gone To Pee

H2: How To
HAND: Have A Nice Day
HAK: Hugs And Kisses
HHOJ: Ha Ha Only Joking
HHOK: Ha Ha Only Kidding
HHOS: Ha Ha Only Serious
HIRTA: HereInafter Referred To As
HLV: Hasta La Vista
HLVB: Hasta La Vista, Baby
HP: Home Page
HSIK: How Should I Know
HSP: Highly Sensitive Person
HTFSIK: How The F--- Should I Know
HTH: Hope This Helps!
HUA: Head Up Ass
HUF: Horny Unattached Female
HUM: Horny Unattached Male
HWS(PEST): Husband Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing)

IAAL: I Am A Lawyer
IAC: In Any Case
IAE: In Any Event
IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
IASH: I Am So Horny
IAWTP: I Agree With This Post
IBB: I'll Be Back
IBC: Inadequate, But Cute
IBM: Inadequate, But Marketable
IC: I see (C)
ICB: I Care Because?
ICBI: I Can't Believe It
IDGAD: I Don't Give A Damn
IDK: I Don't Know
IDTS: I Don't Think So
IHTFP: I Hate This F---ing Place; I Have Truly Found Paradise
IINM: If I'm Not Mistaken
IIRC: If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IJLS: I Just Like Saying
IK: I Know
ILICISCOMK: I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat Coffee/Coke/Cadmium On My Keyboard
ILSHIBAMF: I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture!
ILU: I Love yoU
ILY: I Love You
IMAO: In My Arrogant Opinion
IMBO: In My Biased Opinion
IMCDO: In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMCO: In My Considered Opinion
IME: In My Experience
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
IMMOR: I Make My Own Rules
IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
IMS: I Must Say
IMU: I Miss yoU
INT: I'll Never Tell
IOW: In Other Words
IRL: In Real Life
ISTM: It Seems To Me
ISTR: I Seem To Remember
ITAH: Is There Anybody Here
ITFA: In The Final Analysis
IWIK: I Wish I Knew
IWSN: I Want Sex Now
IYW: If You Wish

J/K: Just Kidding
JAFO: Just Another F---ing Observer
JAM: Just A Moment; Just A Minute
JAS: Just A Second
JFF: Just For Fun
JFYI: Just For Your Information
JIC: Just In Case
JPW: Just Plain Weird

K: oKay
KDW: Keep Digging, Watson (reply to NSS)
KEAH: Kill Everyone After Hours
KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid
KITA: Kick In The Ass (type of therapy)
KMA: Kiss My Ass
KMYF: Kiss Me You Fool
KOTC: Kiss On The Cheek
KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
KWIM: Know What I Mean?

L8R: Later
LBB: Little Black Box (slang for a WebTV Set-box unit)
LJBF: Let's Just Be Friends
LLTA: Lots and Lots of Thunderous/Thundering Applause
LMA: Leave Me Alone
LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off
LMAOROTF: Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor
LMC: Lost My Connection
LMCOA: Lost My Connection Once Again
LMK: Let Me Know
LOI: Lack Of Interest
LOL: Laughing Out Loud; Little Old Lady; Lots Of Luck
LOLAROTG: Laughing Out Loud And Rolling On The Ground
LOMBARD: Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead
LSP: Less Sensitive Person
LTBF: Learn To Be Funny
LTIP: Laughing Til I Puke
LTNS: Long Time, No See
LYVM: Love You Very Much (variable number of Vs)
LZ: Loser!

MAY: Mad About You
MAYB: Mad About You, Baby
MBUC: Mind Bogglingly Unlikely Coincidence
MCIBTY(SN): My Computer Is Better Than Yours (So Nyerrr)
MD: More Dirt (Physician)
MFIC: Mother F---er In Charge
MIF: Milk In First (for tea drinking)
MILG: Make It Look Good
MIPS: Meaningless Information Per Second
ML: More Later
MOF: Matter Of Fact
MORF: Male Or Female
MOS: Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTAS: Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD: Message Of The Day
MYOB: Mind Your Own Business

NAGI: Not A Good Idea
NAHM: Not A Happy Man
NAHW: Not A Happy Woman
NAVY: Never Again Volunteer Yourself
NB: Nota Bene (note well)
NBD: No Big Deal
NBL: Not Bloody Likely
NBTD: Nothing Better To Do
NFG: No F---ing Good
NFI: No F---ing Idea
NG: News Group
NHOH: Never Heard Of Him/Her
NIAA: No Idea At All
NIT: Not In Therapy
NLI: Not Logged In
NM: NeverMind
NOPE: Not On Planet Earth
NP: No Problem
NSS: No S---, Shylock/Sherlock
NTG: Not Too Good
NTH: No Therapy Helpful
NYP: Not Your Problem

O: Over (to you)
OB: Obligatory (frequently Ob)
OBE: Overtaken By Events
OBTW: Oh, By the Way
OD: OverDose; Oh Dear
OFO: Out F---ing Off
OFS: One Finger Salute
OIC: Oh, I see (C)
OMFG: Oh My F---ing God!
OMG: Oh My God!
ONNA: Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA: Oh No, Not This Again
OO: Over and Out
OOSOOM: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
OOTB: Out Of The Box
OOTC: Obligatory On Topic Comment
OPL: Obvious Panty Line
OPM: Other People's Money
OPP: Other People's Problems
OSIF: Oh S---, I Forgot!
OT: Off Topic
OT1H: On The One Hand
OTF: On The Floor
OTOOH: On The Other Other Hand
OTT: Over The Top
OTTH: On The Third Hand
OTW: On The Whole
OW: Oh Well
OWTTE: Or Words To That Effect

PBD: Programmer Brain Damage
PCO: Please Carry On
PD: Public Domain
PDA: Public Display of Affection
PDN: Public Data Network
PDQ: Pretty Damn Quick
PHAT: Pretty Hot And Tempting
PhD: Piled Higher and Deeper.
PICNIC: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
PITA: Pain In The Ass
PJW: Please Just Wait
PLBKAC: Problem Lies Between Keyboard And Chair
PLMKO: Please Let Me Know, Ok?
PMETC: Pardon Me ETC.
POC: Prisoner Of Chat; Peeping Other Chatters
POME: Prisoner Of Mother England
PTM: Please Tell Me

QED: Quod Erat Demonstrandum; Quite Easily Done
QT: QuieT (also q.t., Q&T, or as a phrase "on the q.t.")

RAK: Random Act of Kindness
RBS: Really Big Screen
RE: REgarding
RFC: Request For Comments
RFD: Request For Discussion
RFT: Request For Thinking
RHIP: Rank Has Its Privileges
RL: Real Life
RLCO: Real Life COnference
RNA: Ring, No Answer
ROFFNAR: Rolling On the Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLASC: Rolling On the Floor Laughing And Scaring the Cat
ROFLMAOOL: Rolling On the Floor Lauging My Ass Off Out Loud
ROFLOL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROFLWMK: Rolling On the Floor Laughing -- Wet My Knickers
ROFPML: Roll On Floor Pissing Myself Laughing.
ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
ROTM: Right On The Money
RPG: Role Playing Games
RSN: Real Soon Now
RSVP: Repondez S'il Vous Plait (French, "please reply")
RT: Real Time
RTFI: Read The F---ing Instructions
RTFM: Read The F---ing Manual
RTFQ: Read The F---ing Question
RTFS: Read The F---ing Source
RTFMS: Read The F---ing Manual, Sir (from the military)
RTI: Real Time Interruption
RTS: Read The Screen
RUMF: aRe yoU Male or Female?

S/O: SomeOne (frequently just "s/o")
S/TH: SomeTHing (frequently just "s/th")
S2BX: Soon To Be eX
SAF: Single Asian Female
SAM: Single Asian Male
SAMF: Sad Ass Mother F---er
SAR: Smart Ass Remark
SAYOR: Speak At Your Own Risk
SBB: Stupid Beyond Belief
SBCN: Sitting Behind the Computer, Naked
SBD: Silent But Deadly
SBF: Single Black Female
SBM: Single Black Male
SCNR: Sorry, Could Not Resist
SDIHTT: SomeDay I'll Have The Time
SEC: SECond, eg. Wait a sec
SEG: S--- Eating Grin
SEP: Somebody Else's Problem
SFT: Sorry For That
SH: S--- Happens
SHLH: Sitting Here Lauging Hysterically
SHTS: Spit Hitting The Spam
SHTSI: Somebody Had To Say It
SIG: Special Interest Group
SJF: Single Jewish Female
SJM: Single Jewish Male
SMMWO: Shut My Mouth Wide Open
SMO: Serious Mode On
SNAC: Sitting Naked At Computer
SNAFU: Situation Normal: All F---ed Up
SNAG: Sensitive New Age Guy
SNFIAA: Still No F---ing Idea At All
SO: Significant Other
SOB: Son Of a Bitch
SOH: Sense Of Humor
SOS: Same Old S---
SOSO: Same Old, Same-Old
SOVS: SomeOne Very Special
SSDD: Same S---, Different Day
SSIA: Subject Says It All
ST: Star Trek; Such That (frequently just "s.t.")
STBY: Sucks To Be You
STFU: Shut The F--- Up
STFW: Search The Fine/F---ing Web
STS: So To Speak
SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss
SWCOC: Special Wishes, Comments, Or Corrections
SWDYRTW: Since When Do You Rule The Web?
SWF: Single White Female
SWM: Single White Male
SWYP: So What's Your Problem?
SYT: Sweet Young Thing

TAF: That's All, Folks!
TAFN: That's All For Now
TAMO: Then A Miracle Occurs
TANJ: There Ain't No Justice
TARFU: Things Are Really F---ed Up
TBC: To Be Continued
TBE: To Be Expected
TBH: To Be Honest
TBYB: Try Before You Buy
TC: Telephone Call; Take Care
TCB: Taking Care of Business
TDM: Too Damn Many
TEOTWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It
TFB: Too F---ing Bad
TFE: Too F---ing Easy
TFS: Three Finger Salute (Ctrl-Alt-Del)
TFTT: Thanks For The Thought
TFW: Totally F---ing Worthless
TGAL: Think Globally, Act Locally
TGIF: Thank God Its Friday
TGTF: Thank God Tomorrow's Friday
TIA: Thanks In Advance
TIATLG: Truly, I Am The Living God
TIE: Take It Easy
TIME: Tears In My Eyes (often in combination)
TINAR: This Is Not A Recommendation
TIP: To Insure Promptness
TMI: Too Much Information
TNOTVS: There's Nothing On Television, So ...
TOTC: Too Old To Care
TPAE: The Possibilities Are Endless
TPS(S): This Program Sucks (Severely)
TPTB: The Powers That Be
TSOHF: Total Sense Of Humour Failure
TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now
TTS: Tiny Tit Syndrome
TTYL: Talk To You Later
TWAIN: Technology Without An Interesting Name
TYVM: Thank You Very Much

UBD: User Brain Damage
UDS: Ugly Domestic Scene
UOK: yoU OK?
UNA: Use No Acronyms
USU: USUally (frequently just "usu.")
UTT: Under The Table

VBEG: Very Big Evil Grin (as in )
VBG: Very Big Grin (as in )
VH: Virtual Hug

W8: Wait
WADR: With All Due Respect
WAEF: When All Else Fails
WAFWOT: What A F---ing Waste Of Time
WAG: Wild-Assed Guess
WALOC: What A Load of Crap
WAMKSAM: Why Are My Kids (or Kitties) Staring At Me?
WB: Welcome Back
WDF: What Da F---?
WDYMBT: What Do (or Did) You Mean By That?
WEFT: Wrong Every F---ing Time
WEHT: WhatEver Happened To (usu. followed by someone's name)
WFM: Works For Me
WIGAC: When I Get A Chance
WOA: Work Of Art
WOMBAT: Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time
WRT: With Regard To; With Respect To
WTF: What The F---
WTFDIC: What The F--- Do I Care
WTFDIK: What The F--- Do I Know
WTFDYTYA: Who The F--- Do You Think You Are
WTH: What The Hell (or Heck)
WWS: Wife Wants Sex (please wait a tic)
WYP: What's Your Point?
WYSOH: Where's Your Sense Of Humor?

XYZ: eXamine Your Zipper
YABA: Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YAC: are You Available to Chat?
YAFA: Yet Another "Fine" Acronym
YAFIYGI: You Asked For It, You Got It
YANETUT: You Are Not Expected To Understand This
YAOTM: Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YBYSA: You Bet Your Sweet Ass
YHL: You Have Lost
YHTBT: You Had To Be There
YKIYEI: You Killed It, You Eat It
YKWIM: You Know What I Mean
YM: You Mean
YOYO: You're On Your Own
YR: Yeah Right
YSS: You Suck Severely
YWHOL: Yelling "WooHoo" Out Loud (as in LOL)
YWSYLS: You Win Some, You Lose Some

ZNT: ZiffNeT

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